I recently flew on Emirates A380 to Dubai. I was putting it off for a long time because I hate going to

Airbus A380

JFK but glad that I finally took the flight. Many of you may have already flown on Emirates Airbus 380 but for those who haven’t had a chance yet, here is the glimpse of my recent experience aboard A380 business class.

I personally loved the aircraft. Even though Business class & First class are on the upper deck, one does not need to climb up as they have a separate entrance to the upper deck.


Seats are in 1 x 2 x 1 configuration granting direct aisle access from each seat. Two seats in the middle aisle are configured intelligently; every alternate row is designed for couples traveling together.



The seat is a full-flat sleeper with a console and mini-bar to one side (see photo above). Business class seats are not enclosed suite like the one in first class however it provides enough privacy. You feel cozy and ensconced, and the side consoles act as a privacy barrier, putting a good deal of space between you and the aisle (or, if you’re in the center section, between you and the person in the seat next to you). Window seats also have storage compartments along the side.

All seats have a small mini-bar, conveniently placed USB and power ports and a shoe locker. The window shades are electrically controlled.

Emirates ICE system (Information, Communications, Entertainment) is accessed via touch-screen or through a handset. There are more than a thousand movies, television and music options to pick from (including a large number of films from India, China, and elsewhere; this is Emirates after all). The video screen is huge and crystal clear, and the carrier’s noise-reduction headsets are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. The information channel provides different external camera views; one can see a view from the bottom, front, and top of the aircraft. Inflight Wi-Fi and mobile phone calls are available for a fee (the Wi-Fi is reasonably priced; cell calls are expensive). If it’s your first time on Emirates A380, it might take you a while to figure out all the controls but don’t worry, cabin attendants are very helpful and trained to spot the first-timers.


I was particularly impressed by the amenity kits. Emirates offers fancy Italian luxury brand Bulgari kit

bags. The kit include Bulgari’s new signature fragrance, Eau Parfumée Au thé noir, along with more skincare essentials to keep you feeling fresh throughout your flight. For men, the color of the bag is charcoal grey and for women, it is pale grey.


The Bar & the Food:

Emirates has a full serving bar for their First & Business class customers on the upper deck of A380. The bar is always attended by one of their beautiful cabin attendants.

For those who love their whiskeys and single malts, Emirates serve Chivas 18 and Glenlevit 15 along with other selection of premium spirits.

The cabin attendant/bartender can also make you a cocktail.

Drinks are always served with snacks and finger food.


Meal choices were awesome during the flight. Very tasty and delicious entrées.



Experience of flying on Emirates A380 business class was definitely a pleasure. I highly recommend it.  

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